20% Windpower by 2030 Report

U.S. Department of Energy:
20% Wind Energy by 2030

Chapter 1: Executive Summary and Overview
Chapter 2: Wind Turbine Technology
Chapter 3: Manufacturing, Materials, and Resources
Chapter 4: Transmission and Integration into the U.S. Electric System
Chapter 5: Wind Power Siting and Environmental Effects
Chapter 6: Wind Power Markets
Appendix A: 20% Wind Scenario Impacts
Appendix B: Assumptions Used for Wind Development System Model
Appendix C: Wind-Related Jobs and Economic Development
Appendix D: Lead Authors, Reviewers, and Other Contributors
Appendix E: Glossary

Fact Sheet on the 20% Wind Energy Report

American Wind Energy Association: 20% Wind Energy Report Overview

American Wind Energy Association: Federal Policies to Support 20% Wind Energy by 2030

Power System Modeling the 20% Scenario

AEP’s conceptual interstate transmission plan to deliver 20 percent of US electricity from wind.

Many of the assumptions on wind resource, wind capital cost forecasts, wind turbine performance improvements, and conventional generation cost forecasts used in the 20 percent report were developed by Black & Veatch. This report documents the assumptions used by Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in their analysis and modeling for the 20 percent report. This report also provides Black & Veatch’s insight on the wind industry, its potential for growth, and some additional analysis related to the US wind resource and the 20 percent scenario.
Black & Veatch 20% Wind Report